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I have returned! Please hold your applause and accolades, there is no need.

I got the plague the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. Evidently that sleepless night was stage one and by the time 2PM rolled around at work I was voted off the island. Actually, had I known what I was in for, I probably would have referred to it as a Viking funeral. Either or, my coworkers put my things in my lap, clocked me out, and escorted me out of the building with a stern warning to not return until Tuesday. My weekend was mostly spent in a desperate attempt not to drown in my own shit and vomit, and I succeeded. Yay me!

It goes without saying that my weekend plans were ruined, although I was able to allocate more time to the remodel plans. By Monday I was able to leave home to go purchase all the new furniture I needed (I’m finally bidding adieu to the furniture I’ve had for 10 years). I had to rework my plans several times to accommodate the wishes of my Father, but I yelled at him until I felt better and then did what he asked. I’m going to have to put in a lot more work, but at least I’ve gotten started.

The additional space will be nice to have because I’ve added another member to my family. Our neighbor appeared at our gate last weekend begging us to help her out. Apparently someone had dumped off a kitten at our local park and driven away. She found the kitten wandering the parking lot, screaming. Much like he is doing right now. She brought him to us in a cage and I begged to take him in. Surprisingly, he is getting along with our other indoor cat and the future looks promising. When I leave home I’ll take him with me so I won’t be alone. I’ll link up a picture of him soon just as soon as I upgrade my phone. Until then, be content in knowing that he is four pounds of tiger striped fluff with an attitude that will not be denied. Oh, and his name is Leonidas Tiberius. Leonidas after the famous Spartan warrior, Tiberius after Captain James T. Kirk.

Nothing new otherwise. Still having issues with letting Luis go, still having dreams that we are together, still can’t reconcile the two people that he was in my head. That alone takes up a huge part of my life and my time. Don’t ask me why I’m still dealing with it after this long either.

Work is still a bright spot. The stuff I was stressing over didn’t happen, everything worked out just fine. We have meetings every week now and I have a feeling that I’m going to start becoming accountable for a lot of things. But in a good way.

Hobbies have taken a lower priority as of late. Fall is beginning and that means that my schedule explodes. I already have people requesting me to house sit for them in November and December, people requesting me to make them jewelry for the holidays, and all my coworkers are waiting for my holiday baking. My second job will likely pick up soon and I have plans of my own to look forward to. All in all it’s quite a bit to deal with when added to the commitments that I have now. A full schedule is always the best thing to keep though.

I hope the past few weeks were great for all of you! And remember to disinfect your things at work if you live near me, what I had is breaking out all over Florida and you don’t want to drown in your own shit and vomit. It would be sad.