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Leonidas Tiberius is not amused.

1. He’s pissed off that he can’t sit in a poisonous plant

2. He’s pissed he can’t climb on the wall

3. He’s pissed he’s not fed 5 times a day

4. Don’t get him started on why he can’t eat off my plate

5. He doesn’t understand why I want to put my head on my pillow at night when the pillow is clearly his space

6. Brushing and combing is only for when he’s asleep

7. Snuggling is for when he feels bad, not for when I feel bad

8. Skyrim time is “Mama play with meeee!!!” time

9. Punishments are purred through and sought out intentionally

10. The cries of “No! Leo… NO!” mean “Yes! Continue to destroy whatever you have in your paws you good little beastie!”

11. When all else fails, he just bitch slaps me in the face and runs away

Blargh. Defeat.