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I am one of the crazed people devoted to the Big Brother fandom. With that being said, can someone please explain to me why the hell the hour and a half finale is being held at 9:30 when Wednesday’s show is usually held at 8:00?

I’m freaking tired. And I’m going to have to make it to 11 to see who gets crowned the biggest backstabber in America.

Trash TV, how dare you?

Oh right, because you are desperately trying to make Survivor relevant again. But it never will be because no one has watched Survivor in years. The only things they do on the show is bathe in the ocean, eat rice (or starve), and sleep on bamboo stalks in the sand. Oh, and snatch out each other’s hair for a bite of cheeseburger. I mean, the franchise was dead when that one dude decided he was going to go naked for the rest of the competition. Was that the same guy who didn’t pay taxes on the money he won and ended up going to jail?

I don’t remember. But then again, I’m really tired.