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So has anyone turned on the TV today to see a bunch of our elected representatives acting like angry, shit flinging monkeys? If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do.

Because I am a mere plebian, unable to comprehend why the hell people would ever find this acceptable, I’m going to make a list of things that I think the American people can agree on.

1. He/She who shuts down the government forfeits the right to draw a paycheck.

2. On the second day of a shutdown, members of congress should be expected to pay the government 25% of their paycheck. That percentage should double every day until the members of congress are paying back the entirety of their salaries to the American people.

3. As punishment for being angry stubborn dumbasses, I also believe these people should lose their retirement benefits. The rest of us work our whole lives to get benefits, they get benefits just for being elected. I don’t like it.

4. The American people should have the right to draw a petition designed to impeach all the members of congress as a whole.

If these four things were held to, I think that would highly discourage this from happening in the future. Let’s face it, they don’t care. That’s why they have a 10% approval rating. American citizens have been furloughed, parks and museums are closed, and life has gotten very hard for a lot of people when they couldn’t even do anything about it. Our politicians care about passing their pet projects and grandstanding for political purposes instead of setting a budget and letting the country move on.

There are things that have been signed into law that a bunch of people are angry about. I get that. But I don’t care. What has been passed has been passed, it has been signed and it will not be stopped. The American people voted for universal healthcare last election and we won the vote. So instead of bitching like little girls, why aren’t our politicians focusing on trying to make The Affordable Care Act better? That is what they were elected to do, but instead they have made us the laughing stock of the world and are bringing down the globalized economies of our allies.

That’s my input on the matter.