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Well, I finally did it. I know I’ve been talking about going out and getting hobbies and I am proud to report I have followed through on my previous 15768 statements. Huzzah!

Mondays and Thursdays I will be attending art classes and I’m super excited to start. I’m thinking castles for my first project…

Art Class


My instructor for oil painting class gave me an odd look, but I promised her that it didn’t really have to be a pretty castle, at least not at first. We shall see if my art prowess is notable!

The microbiologist saga is continuing. Since this started months and months ago, I’ll recap: I met a cute, sweet, and nerdy microbiologist at work. We got along great but I didn’t do anything because I’m a damn coward. Well, his Mom was supposed to come in last week, but she rescheduled because she was sick. I’m not sure what I’ll say, I’ll probably just tell her the truth. At the very least, complimenting her son will make her happy. What Mom isn’t proud of her son?

This week we are hosting the third annual style show at work. Thursday is going to be a bit insane but I get to learn the ropes first-hand. It’s a bit odd to have layoffs going on while trying to pull this event off but hopefully the sales will boost the bottom line and get us closer to the goal of not being… well, poor at the end of the year.