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When I started working in Optometry, I became the only person in my office with perfect eyesight. I will admit, I was a bit prideful of my 20/20 vision. Sadly, even people who have good eyesight can fall victim to eye strain. I (unhappily) inherited astigmatism from my mother and spending 8 hours in front of a computer for the past 10 months caused my astigmatism to manifest. I can still see just fine, my eyes just have to struggle and strain a lot more to make sure the light and images get to where they need to go. Ultimately, this causes the most painful type of headache I’ve ever experienced.

Because of my issues, I’ll be taking it light on the blogging… I have to be on the computer at work but I don’t want to strain or hurt my eyes any more than I have too. Those headaches are no fun! But hey, I’m now a member of the exclusive four eye club and should be able to return to life as normal as soon as my glasses come from the lab. And I know I won’t look like a dork because my glasses were picked out by the opticians. In their words, “The face of our office will not wear ugly glasses, put those down!”