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Today is one of the most depressing days of the year because it is the day after Black Friday. On this day every year, the depravity of mankind is broadcast to the masses via videos glorifying the struggle. The struggle to further the over consumption of frivolous goods that is!

Americans are pretty desensitized to these videos and images by now because it is expected for people to completely lose their shit over Black Friday sales. Here is a brief collection of the most memorable moments this year: Black Friday Shopping in US Marred by Violence – BBC News.

Black Friday shoppers are a different breed of people. They delight in it, as evidenced by my work wife who has been drawing battle plans for weeks. It is a family tradition in her household and they shop for 48 hours straight. How this is possible to do without dying, I have no clue. I do believe 5 hour energy shots are involved. Also relevant to note is that retailers certainly like Black Friday. It gives the economy a boost, and as long as everyone acts like decent human beings, shoppers (should) remain safe. But some types of people take it too far. Way too far. I think that designation applies to a new group of people this year.

This year Americans also sunk to a new low by shopping on Thanksgiving. It’s bad enough that Christmas has already been pushed down our throats for about a month, but was it really necessary to open stores on Thanksgiving? Americans only have a few holidays a year where it is possible to spend time with family and friends without rushing on a weekend or losing pay. I think it’s just plain wrong to have people work on Thanksgiving and lose time with their families because someone else can’t wait an extra 8 hours to attack someone else over a TV.

Working in retail for several years, I can assure you that the people working those sales do not want to be there. People are forced to work the sales. Tell me how that’s fair? Also, keep in mind that the stores get trashed. So now employees have to come in early on Thanksgiving to get everything set up, work the sale, clean up the store, restock, and open again for Black Friday. Most of the cleanup work is done in the middle of the damn night. But people don’t care about that, they only care about getting some trinket or material item that will fulfill a want before being eventually discarded.

Now, I’m not saying that the people who shopped on Thanksgiving are inherently bad people because that designation will always belong to the violent shoppers. But I am saying that I don’t believe in their Thanksgiving priorities. I mean, is that material item really worth getting at the expense of other human beings? If the roles were switched and the shopper was forced to leave their family and go to work, I highly doubt they would be too keen on saving $10 on the latest Twilight DVD.

Again, it seems like money wins out over doing right by one another. It happens every Black Friday when people roll around the floor tasing each other, and now it happens every Thanksgiving when people queue up in long lines to get the latest and greatest instead of stuffing their faces with pie.