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I went a full workday without a single Obamacare rant. I didn’t even have a HIPAA rant. I could get used to this!

*Confetti cannons exploding*

Also, my glasses finally came in! I would post a picture for everyone but my camera decided to die on me. By that I mean that I filled the memory card to capacity (probably all those vistas from Spain)… So here is a picture of one of my frames:

Bebe 5060 (Ruby)

Bebe 5060 (Ruby)

Anyway, learning to drive with these things on my face has been interesting. Backing out of parking spots is rather hazardous, and I have also face-palmed myself in a panic on several occasions because I felt something on my face and freaked out. The adjustment has been well worth it though, my headaches have completely dissipated and the range of color and detail I can now see is just astounding. Plus, I look cute in glasses.

Not much else has been going on. I finished my first painting in acrylic class (a landscape kinkade) and it turned out beautifully. Hopefully I’ll have a picture up in a bit. The oil painting I’m working on will probably take about 6-8 months to complete but I really love the different skills I’m learning. I love the smell of the paint and the turpentine in the studio, if only I could just understand how to shadow leaves I’d be set. Classes are out until mid January, but I’m already excited to go back.

The decorations are up at home and the presents are wrapped, but ’tis also the season for office parties! Ours is this week and we are having a white elephant gift exchange. Basically, that is when everyone brings a gift but no one knows what it is. Then we fight to the death and steal it from other people in our quest for domination. My gift is a three part box tower. The top box I’ve already filled with specialty chocolates and truffles. The next box is going to be filled with milk and white chocolate fudge, and then the third box is going to be filled with rum balls. I’m known to be the office baker, so hopefully I don’t disappoint.

I am also hopefully meeting Bryce at this event. I already feel like throwing up at the thought so hopefully I don’t babble incoherently. Not a great first impression of sorts. I’m honestly trying to not get excited, because given my track record, it seems likely that life would shit on me once more. I don’t know, we’ll have to see but I don’t want to go through those feelings again. I’m way good for a lifetime on those.

Sadly, our office is having to come together at this time to support each other. I wrote a previous post about the losses my work family has faced within the last month, but we had an additional death last night and another death is also imminent by the end of this week. Being a close office, this takes a toll on everyone. I don’t know how these next few weeks are going to play out, but I know that they are going to be difficult for all of us.

I hope my update finds all of you well. I’m going to make a solid attempt to get caught up on comments and postings throughout the next week or so but a lot of that depends on work. Hopefully I can go two days without hearing some radical paraphrased mumbo jumbo on how Obamacare is going to require everyone to get chips implanted in their brains. Honestly, do people believe everything they read on the internet?