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Even though this year was considerably better than the last, I find myself looking forward to the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Even though it really doesn’t make too much of a difference, I like the idea of having a clean slate and another 365 days full of possibilities. It’s not that I have any major plans, it’s that I could have them. Theoretically.

Anyway, apologies for my prolonged absence. I was enjoying a wonderful Caribbean vacation with my family. Highlights included a rescue at sea, passion fruit gelato, and mistakenly walking into a large protest (complete with a moderate amount of riot police). Fun was had by all and it was nice to not slam my alarm at 6:45 for a while. I’m currently rounding out the second week of my vacation so I still have a few days of quiet to enjoy. My sister has been visiting and today was her birthday, so the appropriate festivities were observed. I’ve promised to make her a necklace tomorrow so I’ll have to follow that through, but I might actually have a chance to get some Skyrim time in, which hasn’t happened in quite a few weeks.

The Christmas party went great, but I have decided against considering Bryce as an option. After he cancelled on me through his Mother he was on shaky ground, but I’ve now heard nothing from him for a few weeks. Not going to happen. However, in a shocking turn of events, Krista (who works next door to me) has mentioned wanting to introduce me to her brother. Apparently this man has a college degree, an excellent job, and a general survey of people that know him came back favorable. I point blank asked if his family was crazy, if he was a frat boy wannabe, or if he was an asshole. They said no on all counts and all spoke up to be reputable character witnesses. I told Lila (who brought it up) that I would love to think about it for a week, so I consulted the family and, well, I’m going to go for it. Might be something, might be nothing… but at least it’s worth a shot. I might meet someone really interesting, or a great friend.

I know that this next part is kind of stupid to write about, but I’m proud of it so I’m going to add it in anyway. Today I cleaned out all my old files, organized them, learned to balance my checkbook (don’t judge me), paid my bills, and finalized my budget for next year. I would really love to pay off my car this year but that looks a little far fetched. I budgeted under what I make though, plus I didn’t count in the raise I’m (hopefully) going to get or the bonuses I already receive. I did give myself a realistic allowance though. I like to feel like I can go out and buy the things I want, even if I really shouldn’t. I’m going to try and really settle in financially this year.

I hope December found you all happy and well, and I also hope that everyone had a great holiday season. I’m kind of sad for life to be settling back to normal, but I guess that all good things, especially vacations, must come to an end.