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Today I settled in to my goal for the day: Catch up on Skyrim. I’m pleased to report that I was successful in my endeavors. It’s nice to get settled back in my routine, I’m honestly quite ready for the holidays to be over. With all the travelling and a halt to my art classes, I’ve been a bit out of sorts.

Tomorrow I’m going in early to work, insurance companies don’t update their systems until the first. The front and billing departments are in charge of pulling authorizations and eligibility verifications so this problem falls into my realm. I’ve promised to arrive about an hour early, with donuts. There is a little donut shop by work and once you have one of their donuts, dunkin donuts will no longer taste edible.

Tomorrow at lunch I have to go by my art studio and sign up again for classes. I’m not sure if classes start next week or the week after, but I promised one of my teachers that I would bring snacks to our first class. I’m thinking chocolate chip cookies, everyone loves those. I’ll just leave the nuts out.

I got my first service order from the Chevy dealership, I need to call and make an appointment to have the oil changed and the tires filled and rotated. I think I’ll use my tax return this year to get my car fixed at the body shop, I never fixed the paint and the dent from when that crack ho pegged my car a few months ago. That still pisses me off, argh!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty lucky. My single status has been weighing on me lately, probably because I haven’t been as busy. But that is going to change soon! I also said yes to Krista, and if her brother is interested I might meet him for lunch. Not getting excited for that one though, he’s perfect on paper which means something will go wrong. Well, maybe not but that’s how it’s been lately so I won’t get my hopes up to have them crushed.