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So, about that guy.

The one I was convinced I was never going to get a shot at? That one?

Guess who called.

I’m meeting him tomorrow for coffee at 1.

I’ll order a paper bag on the side.

In case, you know…

I stop breathing.


His name is Mike.

He has a real job.

He just bought his first house.

He has a college degree.

And a car.

He goes to my church every Saturday for 5PM mass.

With his family, who actually get along with each other.

He’s travelling next week to a conference. Because he has a real job.

At one of the most prestigious aerospace companies in the USA.

He’s Lebanese.

He almost majored in Anthropology.

We went to the same university.

He called at 8.

He left the most adorable rambling voice mail.

He loves the bread store where I get my breakfast every morning.


I hope this is the answer to all the prayers I’ve been praying.

If it isn’t, I’ll be okay.

But I hope it is.