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I know I do. 

So, I’ve been talking to a man I met through online dating for about a month now. So far it’s been going quite well. There’s a ton to write on this topic, so I’ll have to do one post devoted just to that. Well, if it lasts. With these things, one never knows. 

Work is insane. My partner is on another bender, we hired two new people, and I’ve taken up eating hummus and pretzels by the bucketful. The new guy keeps trying to flirt with me, which I find freaking hilarious because it’s never gonna happen, but hey… I guess I have that magnetism when around another person for 40 hours a week. 

My car’s computer crashed today which was super fun. I had to drive it down to the dealership and I wasn’t able to eat anything until I got home after 5PM tonight. I’m scary when I’m hungry. But I did get a smile out of the deal… the repair men referred to me as “the pretty one” when handing papers back and forth. Good hearing sometimes works in my favor.

I visited some of you today, the rest I hope to see over the weekend. This weekend I have to work (again) because we are behind, then I have a baby shower to wrestle through and then I have to replace heels for work. *sigh* shoe shopping, whatever am I to do?

I’ve set the goal of paying off my car this year. That’s a tall order if I don’t say so myself. Next year the goal is to move out. Because I’m me, I already have two places picked. The rest I’ll have to figure out next year when I’m actually, you know, moving. 

So life is good and bad and messy and stressful, but when is it not? The only day I’m kind of dreading is next month, which holds the 12th, which was supposed to be my wedding day. Thank God I’m not going through with that. I haven’t even worn my rings in the longest time. It feels good to be looking forward and towards something new.