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And... It's gone.

Like my hopes and dreams and all that good stuff

My inheritance that is. It’s completely gone.

To add to the story I began last post, I found out yesterday that the day after my grandfather passed away someone went to the bank and cleared out all of his accounts. They cashed out even the money in holding (taking massive penalties of course) and walked out with everything in cash. The money that my grandfather had was to be distributed equally among his six surviving children. Someone decided that wills and laws were for morons and went renegade. The money that my mother was supposed to receive was going to put in accounts and distributed equally to my sister and I at a later date.

So someone took my inheritance. And I’m not surprised. But I really do hope that whoever it was gets explosive diarrhea at the worst possible moment. That money is cursed, it’s blood money and nothing good will ever come of it. One this is for sure, I’ve heaped on an extra curse just because I can.

Bastards! But on the bright side, they did leave $4 in the checking account. My Dad said we should divide that equally like the rest was supposed to be. We are thinking… $0.22 each, sent certified mail, cash on delivery.

*Evil Laughter*

Happy Easter everyone! Hug your family members tightly and say a prayer of thanks that they aren’t lying, cheating assholes.