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I feel as if I’ve completely neglected my blog for the past… year. Because I have.

Anyway, moving right along. I’ve been busy!

I’m married now, I moved to North Florida, I climbed a couple tiers in my career and have a great new job, my name changed of course, and I added several paintings to the collection. I’m looking into starting my own business as well, but that takes more time than I have right now.

Of course there is more going on, but that’s all the big stuff. Now that I feel a little centered in life, and once I establish a schedule around home, work, and hobbies, I’m hoping I’ll have time to blog like I did in years past. This is a whole new chapter that I am very excited for, and will be a great time to learn and grow.

It’s been amazing to come home every day. No traveling, no sad goodbyes every couple days… I go home, to my home, every day. My husband is here, my cat will be here in a couple days, and all of my things are here in one place.

I’m starting to settle into my new home. Learning how to navigate and live in a new city has it’s challenges, but so far has been manageable. This week I get to learn all the administration buildings for the county, thank God none of them are downtown!

I hope this finds all of you happy, healthy, and well. I look forward to catching up as soon as time allows!