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I can’t think of a decent title. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I have been sick ever since Wednesday with some horrid cold/flu mixture. Whatever this is, it’s crafty. I was convinced on Wednesday that the end was nigh, this thought cemented by my 101.6 fever. I don’t remember much of Wednesday night.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and… nothing. No symptoms besides my throat being slightly swollen. I leave the doctor, immediately go home and rest, happy that I’ll feel better the next morning. And I did. Then I got home from work on Friday. And then I didn’t. This plague keeps coming back every night. Damn thing.

Of course my husband contracted it too. Today is by far the worst he’s been, I doubt I’ll get his fever to break tonight, but I’m hopeful. I always feel bad when he gets sick  because I know he’s sick because he was taking care of me. I never used to get sick, but since I moved I feel like I’m getting sick every other weekend. Oh, because I am.

Seriously, what the fuck Jacksonville? Why do you hate me?


This week was actually pretty decent, plague aside. Will has been looking for another job for a couple weeks after he finally had enough of the work politics. I thought that I had worked some really tough jobs in my life, but honestly, he has the worst luck.

He worked one job in financial services where the normal thing to do was go gambling for your lunch break and shoot up cocaine in the bathroom when you got bored. After he ran like hell switched jobs, he ended up at a place where women were held in high esteem and men were very scarce.

He was accused of being “aggressive” when he asked other departments for documents to submit for state review. He had to copy his (female) supervisor on all of his outgoing emails for months so she could prove he was not aggressive. Then, he was told to put blank papers on his desk (even though all of his files are on his computer because they contain people’s Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, yearly pay, etc.) because “someone walked by and said it didn’t look like you were working because there were no papers on your desk”. After that people complained that he “wasn’t at his desk”, so he had to make his calendar public so everyone could see when he was in a meeting. It goes on and on.

You can imagine how stressful that is. The back stabbing and the favoritism finally became too much. However, he accepted a new job on Friday with better pay, benefits, and hours. And it’s a very small company, so I hope they treat their people decently.

I think I’ll end this on that optimistic note. I hope this weekend found all of you well! I hope to write more soon, but you know how that goes.