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Long overdue for one of these… It’s time for me to share my extremely unpopular opinion and get hate mail! I will set up a disclaimer here though, if you do not wish to hear my potty mouth, proceed no further. And this is a very, very difficult ongoing topic. By no means do I wish to generalize an extremely complex issue. I am no expert on this, this is just my opinion, and I’m very upset, so please take it as such.

So, I’d like to open with the predominately agreeable position that ISIL (or ISIS or IS or whatever term you prefer) is fucking crazy. I think that is honestly the biggest understatement of all time, because how can sane, rational people do the things that they are doing and literally not shut down? It’s not possible. These people were always fucking insane OR made a conscious decision to listen to the radicalized bullshit and buy into it. I’m not sure which is worse.

Don’t even get me started on how people who should have fucking known better leave countries in the west (or anywhere) to go join a terrorist organization trying to call itself a caliphate. How? How can you be filled with so much hate for humanity that you think that’s a good idea? That what they think is an “acceptable” way to live is anywhere near acceptable? This caliphate thing is never going to happen. Literally everyone in the world hates them, rightfully so. They will have no trade, no economy, no willing citizens, no education system worth anything, and no chance at competing in a global arena. Honestly, if it weren’t for the innocent people trapped in Syria, I’d advocate just bombing the hell out of the whole area.

I’m not prone to violence. I believe that everyone can be reasoned with. But these… people, they aren’t people. They are animals. They care for no one and nothing. They are pinning their dreams on some idealistic society that will not work. They preach hatred and violence. They steal young girls, murder their families, rape them, then call the girls “war prizes”. They throw gay people off of buildings. They post fucking recipes for millet balls or whatever the fuck those things were on instagram like this whole war is some sort of social media joke. They take videos of themselves murdering and executing people and post them on Youtube for everyone to see. And you know what, people are listening to them. People are leaving to go help them fight. Women are leaving their homes and families to fly across the world and “marry” them in order to get pregnant and birth the next generation.

I… how is that even a good idea? As a woman, I cannot fathom that. You are going to watch a video and then decide to leave your entire life? You’ll leave your whole family, fly around the world to a war torn, ravaged country that people are fleeing from, and you are going to go there to find your… Mr. Jihadi? Think that through. You have no way out. No way to communicate. Arabic isn’t the easiest language to learn. To speak, or read. And everyone is too damn busy killing innocent people to teach you! They have no institutionalized medical care, sans the people they force at pain of death to work in their field hospitals. The man you marry or whatever that is, because it’s not marriage, will be dead in… like, 4 months. That’s the life expectancy. You’ll be passed around like a baby factory because that’s honestly what you’ll be. Abusive relationship? Too bad. You have no rights. There are no social systems. There are bombings, bullets… what if you lose your glasses? No one can even make you a damn set of glasses. Don’t even ask about running water or sanitation or power…

How is this working? How on earth are they convincing people that living like that is a good way to live? I know that they are feeding on the people that never quite felt that they fit in or that they belonged… but how do you even reconcile that in your brain? These people are not fighting for a way of life. They are fighting to be terrorists and to have that be internationally okay. How do they think that this is going to end?

And no matter what they say, the whole religion guise that they are pulling is utter bullshit. No religion advocates their actions. They take passages out of holy books and twist them to their own perverted agenda. Whatever deity they think they are pleasing and following, I’m pretty sure looks a lot like Satan or the equivalent. Because no one can do what they do and then think of themselves as holy. There is no excuse, nor will there ever be for their actions. They are firmly appalling and morally reprehensible.

If there was ever a case to have a world police, this would be it. I feel that the only thing that can fix this is to exterminate ISIL and everyone in it who chose it willingly. If only everything was that simple. I guess we start with stopping an influx into their numbers. And then we cut them off from the outside. And then we help those willing to fight them if we are unwilling to do so ourselves. Afterwards, I have no clue. But in order to see the ground and know what we, as humans, need to do, you need to clear all the roaches off of it.

And that is my thought on this whole thing. But the world doesn’t obey my thoughts. Maybe that’s good. Or bad. But no matter what, this is a tragedy. I’ve seen too many of those in my short lifetime already and I’m tired of it. My heart hurts after watching what happened to innocent people. This is the modern era, I had thought at one time that humanity was better than that and that we’d come so far.

That was a bitter, painful disappointment.