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Tonight we got the news that Will’s grandfather is entering hospice care. He won’t be able to ever go home again. He doesn’t know it yet.

It was Will’s mom’s birthday dinner tonight, which she spent sobbing into an extremely large glass of Petrone.

Will’s estranged sister with whom we are forced to socialize with even though she has disowned Will and  vice versa, spends the entire dinner talking about how PoPo doesn’t have long and is in pain and how my mother in law needs to start grieving now… and how dare she have gone on a short vacation even though she clearly didn’t know his health was about to decline very suddenly and wouldn’t have gone had she had known…

My mother in law had a whole breakdown at her birthday dinner in the middle of a restaurant because of my sister in law… I swear to God I wanted to get up and choke her. This is why she’s disowned. She touts that she is a clinical psychologist, but doesn’t have enough common sense to look at someone and realize they need peace, calm, and space to grieve on their own.

Have some compassion. Some sympathy. Be merciful. Be kind. Be ready to help when the need is there. Don’t push people to watch them react, or to cause them pain.

How is that complicated? How is that what PoPo would want his daughter to feel on her birthday?