House Rules

Alright everyone, there are a few house rules that you need to be aware of before you click the follow button. You will be expected to practice these rules in all instances of correspondence on this blog with either myself or another follower.

1. Transparency

This is a safe environment. I will not judge you and neither will the people reading your comments. Feel free to say whatever you wish, as long as it is respectful. I don’t care what orientation you are, how old you are, what country you are from, what faith (or lack thereof) you practice… A person is a person and you will be treated as such on this blog. Some of the entries and comments get pretty deep, so everyone needs to know this.

2. Confidentiality

  • What is said in the blog stays in the blog. Don’t steal my material, I won’t steal yours. All you have to do is put a quick reference to me or a link back to my page.
  • Everything personal you share here is still considered your personal property. It is not allowed for someone to use one of your personal stories somewhere else.  Moreover, it is not allowed for people to reference said personal insights on other posts, blogs, or websites. If you wanted to share that story somewhere else, you would have already done so.

3. Don’t Fix, Don’t Rescue

This is an open forum where everyone is invited to speak. I’ll read whatever you want to write about, but I will not intervene. I am not going to fix your problems, I’m not going to rescue you from them, and neither will my other followers. I will provide a pair of eyes to read and some advice I might have learned from a similar situation, but that is it. If you want to change yourself or change your life, get down in the trenches and fight your battles (make a challenge section like I did). There has not been an applicable instance thusfar, and I’d like to keep it that way for the safety and well being of all my followers (as we have big hearts).

4. Use I statements

This is an interactive blog. I care about everything you have to say and I want to hear it. So talk about yourself! I don’t want to hear “them” “we” “us” etc. statements. I want to hear “I” statements because they represent you.

5. Swearing

You are allowed to. I write how I talk, and I swear more than I want to admit. Refrain from racial slurs (that will not be tolerated at all), discriminatory labels, and general things that are just offensive and not even remotely humorous.

6. Off color humor

Is highly encouraged. It makes me laugh hysterically, because it is awesome. As long as nothing is overtly explicit, please feel free to give me a good laugh. You won’t get in trouble and I won’t mind a bit.

7. Additional references

Include them if you so wish. If you have a relevant post and want to reference it in the comments, drop a link! I don’t mind at all.

8. Be interactive

Do not follow my blog if you are never going to read a single thing I say. One of my followers did an excellent post about instances like this, and the post can be found here:

“Cold-blooded Fishing” by Swift Expression

If I am going to invest my time and attention, it should be reciprocated. I will not follow your blog if you do not take a real interest in mine. Going down a list and liking all the posts in a blog category will not fly with me. We have creepy as hell stat stalkers that will give you away. So leave comments and come back every few days or even once a week (whatever your schedule permits).

If you accept all the terms and conditions of this blog, please feel free to click “follow”… if not, thanks for visiting and best of luck with your writing endeavors!



1 thought on “House Rules”

  1. I love the rules. Methinks I should do something similar to this…


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